React native social media Application

eMia - React Native

Here is an entire source code cross-platform mobile application something like easy social network, developed with using React Native. What else can you find here?

  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • Redux
  • Firebase - backend (first from the two backends)
  • Node.js (Express, MongoDB) - second backend implementation of the project you can find here: eMia-Node-js-Server
  • React Navigation
  • Native iOS components on Swift
  • current React Native is 0.63 version
  • some custom components
  • async Redux actions
  • Function components with hooks

How it looks like on an iOS device (on the left side) and on Android (on the right):




eMia is a simple social network. You can sign in, sign up, sign out, restore the password, edit profile, add a new post (title, body, photo), filter posts. You will get push-notification if another user likes your post.

eMia uses Firebase database, storage, authentication and cloud messages.

Notes. The current version contains also some native stuff. For example: Filter View Controller (iOS) which is appeared with using 'Options' menu button.


  • Xcode 11, Swift 5
  • Android Studio 3.1

Preparing for using

If you are going to try eMia by yourself, you should register app on Firebase. Follow following instructions:

For iOS Sign in your Google account, open Firebase console Create a new project. Follow documentations Download GoogleService-Info.plist. Then with using GoogleService-Info.plist fill constants in \src\config\App-Info.js file (copy file \src\config\App-Info.js.example to \src\config\App-Info.js before).

For Android Sign in your Google account, open Firebase console Create a new project. Follow documentations. As a result you need to download google-services.json.


Clone or unzip the repository.

In root directory  execute command:

yarn (or npm install)

cd ios

pod install

Note. To fix issue with CocoaPods whet it could not find compatible versions for pod "React/Core": cd .. grep -rl "s.dependency 'React/Core'" node_modules/ | xargs sed -i '' 's=React/Core=React-Core=g'

Run and Debug the App

In Root directory:

react-native run-ios


cd ios

Open the eMia.xcworkspace in Xcode.

Press on Cmd+R or click on the run button to run the app and the project should run. Now you can debug native code


Open the project (root directory) in Visual Studio Code (VCS). Add extension React Native Tools the the VSC Add "Debug iOS" and "Debug Android" (reactnative type ) into the launch.json In VSC you can debug Java Script code.

In VSC run Main Menu -> Run -> Start Debugging (F5)

The App should start

eMia is launched

Build and run Android app

Go to the eMia directory. Put command in console:

react-native start --port 8081

Start Android Studio. Open android project. Run 'app'


There are also two native examples of the app: iOS - eMia-iOS Android - eMia-Android.

Demo video

First build was developed: 07-05-2018

Last updating: 05-22-2020. Changes description:

  • moved on the 0.62.2 react-native package version.
  • updated dependencies
  • started porting on the TypeScript: renamed almost all js file to ts/tsx, for some ts-modules were applied TypeScript rules.
Check it on GitHub