React Native modal dropdown component

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A react-native dropdown/picker/selector component for both Android & iOS.


  • Pure JS.
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android.
  • Auto position. (Won't be covered or clipped by the edge of screen.)
  • Zero configuration. (Options are needed of course or a loading indicator will show.)
  • Highly customizable.
  • Controllable with API by code. (Show/Hide/Select)
  • Change everything into a dropdown list trigger.


Demo 1 Demo 2 Demo 3

You can find them in the example.

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npm i react-native-modal-dropdown -save



Import this module:

import ModalDropdown from 'react-native-modal-dropdown';

Use as a component:

<ModalDropdown options={['option 1', 'option 2']}/>

Use as a wrapper / container:

<ModalDropdown options={['option 1', 'option 2']}>


Give the style props as your choice:

  • style: Change the style of the button (basic mode) / container (wrapper mode).
  • textStyle: Change the style of text of the button. Invalid in wrapper mode.
  • dropdownStyle: Change the style of dropdown container.

You can also render your option row and row separator by implement renderRow and renderSeparator function.



disabledboolYesfalsedisable / enable the component.
defaultIndexnumberYes-1Init selected index. -1: None is selected. This only change the highlight of the dropdown row, you have to give a defaultValue to change the init text.
defaultValuestringYesPlease select...Init text of the button. Invalid in wrapper mode.
optionsarrayYesOptions. The dropdown will show a loading indicator if options is null/undefined.
animatedboolYestrueDisable / enable fade animation.
showsVerticalScrollIndicatorboolYestrueShow / hide vertical scroll indicator.
styleobjectYesStyle of the button.
textStyleobjectYesStyle of the button text. Invalid in wrapper mode.
dropdownStyleobjectYesStyle of the dropdown list.
dropdownTextStyleobjectYesStyle of the dropdown option text.
dropdownTextHighlightStyleobjectYesStyle of the dropdown selected option text.
adjustFramefuncYesThis is a callback after the frame of the dropdown have been calculated and before showing. You will receive a style object as argument with some of the props like width height top left and right. Change them to appropriate values that accord with your requirement and make the new style as the return value of this function.
renderRowfuncYesCustomize render option rows: function(option,index,isSelected) Will render a default row if null/undefined.
renderSeparatorfuncYesCustomize render dropdown list separators. Will render a default thin gray line if null/undefined.
renderButtonTextfuncYesUse this to extract and return text from option object. This text will show on button after option selected. Invalid in wrapper mode.
onDropdownWillShowfuncYesTrigger when dropdown will show by touching the button. Return false can cancel the event.
onDropdownWillHidefuncYesTrigger when dropdown will hide by touching the button. Return false can cancel the event.
onSelectfuncYesTrigger when option row touched with selected index and value. Return false can cancel the event.
accessibleboolYestrueSet accessibility of dropdown modal and dropdown rows
keyboardShouldPersistTapsenum('always', 'never', 'handled')Yes'never'See react-native ScrollView props


show()Show the dropdown. Won't trigger onDropdownWillShow.
hide()Hide the dropdown. Won't trigger onDropdownWillHide.
select(idx)Select the specified option of the idx. Select -1 will reset it to display defaultValue. Won't trigger onSelect.

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