React Native Loading Spinner Overlay

React Native Loading Spinner Overlay

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npm install react-native-loading-spinner-overlay


yarn add react-native-loading-spinner-overlay


See the example App.js file for an example implementation.


cancelableBooleanfalseAndroid: If set to false, it will prevent spinner from hiding when pressing the hardware back button. If set to true, it will allow spinner to hide if the hardware back button is pressed.
colorString"white"Changes the spinner's color (example values are red, #ff0000, etc). For adjusting the contrast see overlayColor prop below.
animationString (enum) none, slide, fade"none"Changes animation on show and hide spinner's view.
overlayColorStringrgba(0, 0, 0, 0.25)Changes the color of the overlay.
sizeString (enum) small, normal, large"large"Sets the spinner's size. No other cross-platform sizes are supported right now.
textContentString""Optional text field to be shown.
textStyleStyleSheet-The style to be applied to the <Text> that displays the textContent.
visibleBooleanfalseControls the visibility of the spinner.
indicatorStyleStyleSheetundefinedAdditional styles for the ActivityIndicator to inherit
customIndicatorElementundefinedAn alternative, custom component to use instead of the default <ActivityIndicator />
childrenElementundefinedChildren element(s) to nest inside the spinner

Recommended Implementation

We recommend that you follow two rules when implementing this component.

  1. Integrate it inside the parent-most/top-level/root component in your app
  2. Wrap usage of actions after attempting to stop the spinner with setTimeout to avoid the non-stop spinner issue:

    this.setState({ spinner: false });
    setTimeout(() => {
      Alert.alert('Oops!', err.message);
    }, 100);


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