React Native component to show ActionSheet

Build Status License: MIT

Probably the most declarative API for ActionSheets in React Native

Image of the action sheets in action

Here's a running snack of the lib :)



$ yarn add action-sheet-rn

In your code

import { ActionSheet, SheetItem, SheetDivider } from "action-sheet-rn";

// Icons can be defined as:
// const ShareIcon = <Image source={require("./share.png")} />
// const CreateIcon = <Image source={require("./create.png")} />
// const RemoveIcon = <Image source={require("./remove.png")} />
// const LocateIcon = <Image source={require("./locate.png")} />
// const ShareIcon = <Image source={require("./remove.png")} />

const App = ({ isVisible }) =>
  isVisible && (
    <ActionSheet title="What do you want to do?">
      <SheetItem Icon={ShareIcon} onPress={handleShare}>

      <SheetItem Icon={CreateIcon} onPress={handleCreate}>

      <SheetItem Icon={RemoveIcon} type="remove" onPress={handleRemove}>

      <SheetDivider />

      <SheetItem Icon={LocateIcon} onPress={handleLocate}>

      <SheetItem type="cancel" onPress={handleCancel}>

How it works?


It displays a native ActionSheet using ActionSheetIOS.

On a SheetItem, you can specify a type of value cancel | remove that will allow to customize its style (positionning the cancel button to the bottom and adding the red style of the remove one).

The Icon prop has no effect on the iOS Action Sheet. It's only relevant for Android


It displays a custom and JavaScript implementation of a Modal Bottom Sheet from the Material Design Spec. For now, it's not implemented 100%, but I really hope it will (missing the gesture handling + the number of visible items etc..)

On Android, the SheetItem with the cancel type won't be visible. Instead, the lib will handle the click on the opaque zone as a cancellation (only when the type="cancel" is provided to keep consistency between iOS and Android).

You can also pass an Icon props to the SheetItem so that it adds a little Icon on the left, always following the spec concerning size / margins.

The remove type as no specific effects on Android.

Check it on GitHub